In the Automotive Service Industry, businesses get hit with waves of new challenges every day. Many business owners, service advisors, technicians, and controllers tend to get overwhelmed with the speed at which technology is evolving. Even if “there’s always something” – technological or administrative – the goal is to consistently acquire new customers and retain the current ones, at the same time, increasing revenue.

Word-of-mouth marketing is still very much relevant, however, with today’s ever-growing technology there are new methods that consumers better resonate with. Companies now utilize – and thrive off – online reviews as the new word-of-mouth marketing to promote their business and credibility.

If you’ve ever had a poor experience dining out or with a service provider in general, you might resonate with wanting to leave a bad review on a company’s Yelp or review website.

Studies from show that consumers are comfortable reviewing companies and services online. 63.6% of consumers say they are likely to check online reviews before visiting a business—a number that is growing every day.

Many service advisers say that they use review sites to connect with their customers and to receive valuable feedback. Online review sites are lovely for dealerships that do an exemplary job and garner high CSI ratings. Many customers can share their positive experiences and recommend an advisor or dealership to their friends and community.

On the other hand, what happens if you’re a good company, but you’re not getting a significant number of accolades from the public? Even worse, what about negative reviews from competitors and disgruntled former employees? For these reasons, Service Departments are also wary and skeptical about the authenticity of all the reviews posted.

In the dealership environment, another common struggle for the Service Department is suffering consequences from poor customer experiences with other departments, such as Sales. The solution is to promote the Service Department as its own individual service. Afterall, people aren’t buying cars as often these days which means Service is the new Sales!

As a player in the automotive service business, it is apparent why new positive customer reviews are essential. However, how can you make that happen consistently without you costing an arm and a leg?

We are inspired to help dealerships by the fact that consumers trust third-party review sites over friends and family. In fact, 70% of all consumers will turn to industry-specific review sites as a part of their buying decision.

Our automotive clients strengthen digital marketing and control their online reputation with verified customer reviews through our review platform powered by UpdatePromise.

Our review platform allows you to track performance and monitor feedback in order to better understand customers’ sentiment and provides unprecedented insight into the areas of your business that matter the most. More importantly, you can track the results of UpdatePromise to ensure that we are delivering on our promise to you!

In efforts to promote Service Departments as its own individual service, every dealership utilizing benefit from social media integration. We council and advise to use a platform that works for you and only you! Most review webpages often promote your competition in ads on the side column for consumers to compare.

We specifically create and optimize social media platforms for Service Departments to increase traction and make their reviews standout from other departments. Now the public can see verified and real reviews by your actual customers.

Reviews are also displayed on a dealership’s website with an embedded widget, which automatically scrolls through verified testimonials from your optimized review site. No more false reviews that damage your reputation! also ensures that keywords are integrated throughout your review website for maximum optimization. With all these collective efforts, your review page will work its way to the first page in Google searches.

UpdatePromise provides businesses with industry-specific review sites that strictly contain real reviews from documented customers, and that’s why it works.

Your online reviews can no longer be ignored, so yes—you should care about your online reputation. Use online review sites to position you for ongoing success. Take control of your online reputation with UpdatePromise today, because surely many of your competitors are doing exactly that right now.

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