Build Trust & Brand Loyalty

Do your customers trust you? If so, how and if not–why?

People want to trust their financial advisors, teachers, lawyers, doctors, and that’s right—the people who work on their cars. But many consumers entering any business transaction are often skeptical at the outset, and that’s why trust has to be established over time.

20/20, 60 Minutes, Fight Back! With David Horowitz and The Investigators are TV shows that have produced stories over the years about mechanics ripping off customers. In these cases, the media protects consumers, but they also scare them. As a result, many vehicle owners are wary before they even enter your facility for the first time.

In most cases, your customer is in a rush and wants it done yesterday. No one ever says, “I’m so excited to take my car to the dealership!” Vehicle repairs rank right up there with trips to the dentist, but we all love our cars and want them running in good shape.

According to a AAA survey, American drivers don’t typically trust auto mechanics. The survey found that 66% of drivers do not trust auto repair shops in general.

The AAA survey also shows that 33% (75 million motorists in total) are still trying to find a trusted dealer service department, which leaves them vulnerable for when their car breaks down.

Here are the top reasons why American drivers mistrust automotive repair shops:

  • Recommends unnecessary services (76%)
  • Overcharges (73%)
  • A negative experience (53%)
  • Sub-quality work (49%)

Other main offenders include charging for parts that are not replaced; phantom repairs; lapses in communication and bait and switch tactics.

Interestingly, older vehicle owners from the baby boomer generation are most likely to trust car repair facilities than either millennials and Gen-Xers. 20% of boomers surveyed for the AAA study say that they “totally trust” the auto repair industry. In addition, boomers are also more likely to have a car repair shop that they trust (76%), compared with 55% of millennials and 56% of Gen-Xers.

So, we know that your customers want to do all the right things they expect. They anticipate that you’ll do an exemplary job on their vehicles and trust them that you won’t drop the baton. But, how do you build trust with them other than by performing high-quality work at a fair price and delivering on time?

Some dealership service departments rest on their laurels after successfully repairing a vehicle for a delighted customer. “You’re only as good as your last repair,” an old mechanic once said, and it’s true.

One way to build trust is by utilizing technology to provide a better experience for your clients. By using today’s Consumer Experience Technology, you can enable them to make their lives easier and drama-free. Now they can eliminate phone calls and paperwork; they can communicate instantly via text. If they want photos of the repair, it’s a snap, and they are kept in the loop during every stage of the process. By writing estimates that are fast, easy, and, most importantly, backed by videos and photos, there are never surprises along the way.

Bringing more to the table by using new technology and techniques, vehicle repairers are building Brand Loyalty with their customers. By continually pursuing cutting-edge tools, these forward-thinkers will continue to excel in a market that’s already more knowledgeable, skeptical and discerning than ever.

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