The Modern Consumer and the Need for Change

In today's fast-paced world, where services like Uber, DoorDash, and InstaCart have become the norm, there is a growing need for industries to adapt and evolve. The automotive dealership industry is no exception. The convenience, transparency, and efficiency provided by popular consumer apps have set a new standard. Customers now expect swift responses, streamlined processes, and real-time updates in all their interactions.

With modern technology transforming every aspect of consumer lives, dealerships must seek ways to match these expectations. Enter solutions like UpdatePromise, aiming to propel dealerships further into the digital age.

Challenges and Considerations

Data Security: Handling sensitive information requires stringent security measures. Dealerships must ensure that their technology solutions are compliant with relevant data protection regulations.

Adoption and Training: A smooth transition to modern solutions requires comprehensive training for staff and clear communication with customers about the changes.

Adoption and Training: A smooth transition to modern solutions requires comprehensive training for staff and clear communication with customers about the changes.

Compliance with Regulations: Keeping up with legal requirements and industry standards is paramount to ensure that the implemented solutions are both lawful and ethical.

The UpdatePromise Solution: A Look into Modern Dealership Operations

1. Digital Booking Services

A platform that allows customers to schedule service appointments, view vehicle status, and even pay bills online is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity. This promotes convenience and aligns with how consumers prefer to manage their lives today.

2. Enhanced Communication

Providing real-time updates on service status, reminders, and personalized offers can foster a more robust connection with customers. This communication can happen through various channels such as emails, texts, or app notifications.

UpdatePromise is the modern solution for dealerships

3. Integrated Digital Management

By connecting all aspects of dealership management, dealerships can ensure a smooth customer experience. From sales to after-sales services, having an integrated system minimizes delays and errors.

4. Building Trust Through Transparency

Clear information on costs, service timeframes, and other details can not only enhance customer satisfaction but also build trust. Transparency in operations can set a dealership apart from its competitors.

The automotive dealership industry faces a crucial crossroads, with consumer expectations reshaping how businesses must operate. Solutions like UpdatePromise appear to offer a pathway for dealerships to embrace this change and stay ahead of the curve.

However, the transition to modern operations is not without its challenges. It requires careful planning, expert consultation, and a clear understanding of both the customer base and regulatory landscape. Consultation with consumer experience and industry experts, as well as careful planning and execution, will likely be essential for a successful transition to more modern operations.

Consult with a Consumer Experience Expert today.

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Chino, CA – August 3, 2023 - UpdatePromise, a leading automotive technology company, and Infomedia, a trusted global SLT provider of dealership management solutions, are proud to announce their continued partnership in powering the rebranding of Kia My Service to KIA Superservice[1] SLT. This strategic collaboration underlines a significant milestone in the automotive industry and reinforces UpdatePromise's and Infomedia's commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance customer experiences. 

By integrating Infomedia's Superservice™ SLT within UpdatePromise's robust fixed operations solution, Kia Superservice SLT Powered by UpdatePromise offers Kia vehicle owners an unparalleled level of convenience, transparency, and satisfaction. This rebranding initiative is set to revolutionize the way Kia owners engage with their vehicles and redefine the standard for exceptional customer service. 

KIA Superservice SLT Powered by UpdatePromise provides a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline vehicle maintenance and elevate the overall ownership experience. Key highlights of this integrated solution include: 

  1. Real-Time Updates
    Customers receive timely notifications and updates about their vehicle's service progress, ensuring they are always informed and connected. 
  2. Advanced Appointment Scheduling
    Kia owners can conveniently schedule service appointments with just a few clicks, saving time and eliminating the hassle of traditional phone calls. 
  3. Digital Multi-Point Inspections
    Through advanced imaging technology, customers gain complete visibility into their vehicle's health. Detailed reports and images are provided, facilitating informed decisions and fostering trust. 
  4. Convenient Mobile Payments
    Seamless integration with trusted payment gateways allows for secure and convenient payment options, reducing friction and enhancing the overall transaction experience. 
  5. Communication Channels
    Customers can effortlessly communicate with dealership service advisors through their preferred channels, including SMS, email, and UpdatePromise’s Virtual Glovebox, which allows customers to respond or submit questions in regard to their inspection reports. 

The partnership between UpdatePromise and Infomedia enables the delivery of a unified, end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates with dealership management systems. This collaboration also enhances operational efficiency while transforming the customer experience, reinforcing UpdatePromise's commitment to driving innovation and empowering automotive businesses to exceed customer expectations. 

"We are excited to continue our partnership with Infomedia and introduce KIA Superservice SLT Powered by UpdatePromise," said Curtis Nixon, President and CEO of UpdatePromise. "This rebranding initiative showcases our shared vision of elevating the customer experience in the automotive industry. Together, we will provide Kia owners with unparalleled convenience, transparency, and peace of mind throughout their ownership journey." 

Curtis Nixon, President and CEO of UpdatePromise

“We continue to value and support our close partnership with UpdatePromise. Superservice is a globally recognized leading aftersales service solution used by many global brands including Kia in the Americas, EMEA and APAC. We believe the rebranding reflects the further integrated nature of our two companies’ solutions to enhance operational efficiency and seamless customer experience. We look forward to a stronger future with UpdatePromise and our global partner Kia,” said Jens Monsees, CEO and Managing Director of Infomedia Limited.  

Jens Monsees, CEO and Managing Director of Infomedia Limited

The rebranding of Kia My Service to KIA Superservice SLT Powered by UpdatePromise is currently underway and will be rolled out to authorized Kia dealerships in the coming weeks. Kia vehicle owners can anticipate a new era of customer-centric service backed by the latest technology, designed to exceed expectations at every touchpoint. 

Register here to join UpdatePromise and Infomedia for an overview and live demo of the newly branded Kia | Superservice SLT Powered by UpdatePromise program.

About UpdatePromise
UpdatePromise is a leading automotive technology company dedicated to transforming the way automotive businesses engage and interact with their customers. With a focus on enhancing the customer experience, UpdatePromise provides innovative software solutions that streamline communication, improve operational efficiency, and build trust. From automated service updates to digital inspections and beyond, UpdatePromise is revolutionizing the automotive service industry. 

About Infomedia
Infomedia Ltd (ASX:IFM) is a leading global provider of DaaS and SaaS solutions that empowers the data-driven automotive ecosystem. Infomedia’s solutions help OEMs, NSCs, dealerships and 3rd party partners manage the vehicle and customer lifecycle. They are used by over 250,000 industry professionals, across 50 OEM brands and in 186 countries to create a convenient customer journey, drive dealer efficiencies and grow sales.

[1] Superservice is a trademark of Infomedia Ltd for its aftersales service solution.

UpdatePromise Media Contact 
Taylor Su 
Marketing Manager 
[email protected]

Infomedia Media Contact 
Sharni-Marie Barney 
Marketing Manager
Forj Marketing  
[email protected] 

Chino, CA | July 27, 2023 - UpdatePromise, a leading provider of Customer Experience Management Solutions (CEMS) for the automotive industry, is excited to announce its enhanced partnership with Autosoft, a renowned dealership management software provider. As part of this strategic collaboration, UpdatePromise has been selected as an Autosoft Preferred Fixed Ops Partner, delivering an all-in-one Fixed Ops Solution to dealerships.

By becoming an Autosoft Preferred Fixed Ops Partner, UpdatePromise solidifies its position as a trusted and preferred choice for dealerships seeking to optimize their fixed operations. This partnership empowers dealerships to streamline their operations by eliminating the need for multiple service solutions and seamlessly integrating with Autosoft's industry-leading software.

UpdatePromise's fixed ops suite known as, Customer Experience Management System (CEMS), is tailored specifically to elevate fixed operations in dealership service departments. With a steadfast focus on enhancing the customer experience, UpdatePromise enables dealerships to build customer loyalty and drive revenue growth. Through this partnership, Autosoft users gain exclusive access to UpdatePromise's complete suite of tools, empowering them to revolutionize their service departments and exceed customer expectations.

One of the standout features of working with UpdatePromise is the ability to optimize communication between the dealership and its customers. Leveraging UpdatePromise's automated messaging system, dealerships can effortlessly keep customers informed about the progress of their repairs and service appointments. By mitigating customer frustration and ensuring transparent communication, dealerships can cultivate stronger customer relationships, fostering repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

In addition to the messaging system, UpdatePromise provides a comprehensive range of tools designed to elevate the overall customer experience. The inclusion of a mobile app enables customers to conveniently access their service history and schedule appointments, while the customer satisfaction survey tool empowers dealerships to gather valuable feedback and continuously improve their service quality.

"We are thrilled to be designated as an Autosoft Preferred Fixed Ops Partner," said Brandon Nixon, Chief Revenue Officer at UpdatePromise. "This partnership reaffirms our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions that drive success for dealerships. By combining our specialized expertise in fixed operations and customer experience management with Autosoft's renowned software, we can empower dealerships to optimize their operations, create memorable customer experiences, and ultimately thrive in a competitive market."

Brandon Nixon | Chief Revenue Officer - UpdatePromise

"The enhanced partnership between Autosoft and UpdatePromise reflects our shared commitment to providing exceptional solutions that drive success for dealerships," said Mark Begley, VP of Revenue at Autosoft. "By leveraging UpdatePromise's specialized expertise in fixed operations and customer experience management, Autosoft users can unlock new levels of efficiency, revenue growth, and customer loyalty."

Mark Begley, VP of Revenue - Autosoft

The enhanced partnership between UpdatePromise and Autosoft marks a significant milestone in the automotive industry. Together, these industry leaders are poised to revolutionize fixed operations, elevate the customer experience, and drive success for dealerships nationwide. Click here to learn more.

About UpdatePromise
UpdatePromise is a prominent provider of customer experience management solutions for the automotive industry. With a dedicated focus on fixed operations, UpdatePromise empowers dealerships to cultivate customer loyalty, drive revenue growth, and deliver exceptional experiences. Through cutting-edge technology and a passion for customer success, UpdatePromise is redefining the automotive service landscape.

About Autosoft
Autosoft is a leading provider of dealership management software, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to optimize dealership operations, increase efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. With a commitment to innovation and customer success, Autosoft is at the forefront of revolutionizing the automotive industry.

Media Contact

Taylor Su
Marketing Manager
[email protected]

April 18, 2023 | CHINO, CA - UpdatePromise, the leading provider of automotive service solutions, announced today the official launch of their participation in the SmartPath/MONOGRAM Service Programs in partnership with Toyota and Lexus. The program is designed to streamline service processes, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue for Toyota dealerships.

During the program's pilot phases, UpdatePromise was one of the few companies that passed with flying colors, receiving positive feedback from Toyota, Lexus and their dealerships. The system's seamless integration with both manufacturers’ existing service processes and easy-to-use interface made a significant impact on the efficiency and quality of service at the dealership.

“Toyota and Lexus are extremely excited to officially launch SmartPath/MONOGRAM Service across our national Toyota and Lexus dealer network. Due to the tremendous amount of collaboration and extensive time and effort committed to confirming the SP/M Service technologies, we are confident SP/M Service will exceed our expectations and enhance our guests overall service experience. 

SmartPath/MONOGRAM Service is a game changer for our dealerships and their Service department operations now and into the future!”

Sean French, SmartPath/MONOGRAM Service Retail Performance Consultant | Toyota & Lexus

Toyota dealerships can now leverage the power of the SmartPath Service program and the MONOGRAM Service program for Lexus dealers to enhance their customers' service experience. The comprehensive management system is intelligent, seamless and transparent. Together, the program and integration with UpdatePromise’s solution allow dealers to provide real-time data such as Toyota Care warranties or Lexus Luxury Care and receive telematic data for compatible vehicle models. Pilot dealers have also appreciated having the ability to send automated updates, personalized service recommendations, simplified and transparent appointment scheduling, and many more exclusive data integrations throughout the pilot phases.

"SmartPath service has dramatically increased our dollars per RO at our store. We have now built a transparent check-in process and really built trust with our guests. Our technicians that originally rejected the change have now completely embraced the program and are making more money than ever before through Video Inspections."

Ryan Zamudio, Service Director | Stapp Interstate Toyota

"We're dedicated to helping dealerships meet and exceed their goals, and we know that the exclusive integrations with SmartPath Service are key for Toyota dealerships," said Curtis Nixon, President and CEO of UpdatePromise. "We're thrilled to announce the general availability of SmartPath Service in partnership with Toyota. We're confident that our service solution will help Toyota dealerships achieve their service goals and provide an exceptional customer experience."

Curtis Nixon, President and CEO | UpdatePromise

UpdatePromise's dedication to providing innovative and effective automotive service solutions ensures Toyota dealerships can deliver the highest level of customer service. The launch of SmartPath Service marks a significant milestone for UpdatePromise, as it demonstrates the company's ability to provide industry-leading solutions for the automotive service industry.

Dealerships can learn more at the SmartPath and MONOGRAM Service Program Overview Sessions.
Reserve a seat at the SmartPath Service Program Overview Session
Reserve a sear at the MONOGRAM Service Program Overview Session

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Media contacts

Marketing Team
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Toyota SmartPath Service
Please reach out to your regional TMNA Representative to learn more.

Partnership will bring streamlined Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) financing to UpdatePromise’s franchise dealerships

CHINO, CA – September 6, 2022 - UpdatePromise, the automotive industry’s Customer Experience Experts, today announced that it is partnering with Sunbit, the preferred buy now, pay later (BNPL) technology for everyday needs and services, to bring BNPL to its unrivaled Customer Experience platform. UpdatePromise’s consumer financing program now includes Sunbit as a partner.

Sunbit’s BNPL technology is integrated throughout UpdatePromise’s complete Consumer Experience Management System (CEMS) to create a more efficient and profit-building process for dealerships. UpdatePromisE-Pay Powered by Sunbit empowers dealerships to offer consumers “Service Now, Pay Over Time” all throughout a vehicle’s service lifecycle; giving consumers additional payment options at each stage of their vehicle’s safety inspections.

“Creating a world class Customer Experiences is our singular focus. Integrating Sunbit into our platform elevates the overall service drive Customer Experience, while also improving ROI for our dealerships,” said UpdatePromise President and CEO, Curtis Nixon. “Sunbit’s market leadership and track record in automotive, proven ability to serve virtually any automotive customer, and elegant integration across all the customer touch points made it the clear BNPL partner for us,” he added.

Curtis Nixon, President and CEO of UpdatePromise

Key integration points include:

The consumer financing program’s application process with Sunbit takes less than 30 seconds and results in a typical approval rate above 95%, without requiring a hard credit check. Sunbit technology has helped service drives complete over 290,000 repair orders in 2021 alone, ringing up more than $300M revenue over the course of the year.  

“UpdatePromise vastly improves the service drive Customer Experience for consumers, and for service drive associates,” said Oded Vakrat, head of Integration Partnerships of Sunbit. “Sunbit is offered by 1 in 3 dealerships in the US and this integration will help dealerships integrate BNPL across the customer journey and ultimately help more customers get the repairs they need and pay over time. This is a big win for all parties involved and of course, consumers!”

Oded Vakrat, Head of Integration Partnerships of Sunbit

Dealerships can learn more here.

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About UpdatePromise

UpdatePromise is the industry’s Consumer Experience Experts and leading technology provider to automotive manufacturers, insurers, repairers, and dealerships throughout North America. Founded in 2009, the UpdatePromise workflow optimization and Consumer Experience Platform has impacted thousands of businesses and their consumers, delivering unparalleled experiences accumulated through over 200 million text messages throughout the U.S.

 About Sunbit

Sunbit is the preferred buy now, pay later technology for everyday needs and services. Sunbit eases the stress of buying everyday things by offering access to fast, fair and transparent payment options to people everywhere. Our technology is offered in-store and online at more than 10,000 locations, including 1 in 3 auto dealership service centers, optical practices, dentist offices, veterinary clinics and specialty healthcare services. All loans are made by Transportation Alliance Bank, Inc., dba TAB Bank, which determines qualifications for and terms of credit.

Chino Hills, CA - Monday, January 11, 2021 - UpdatePromise recently announced that it is entering into a strategic partnership with Infomedia Ltd, a leading data provider in parts, service and data insights to the global automotive industry.

UpdatePromise_Estimating_MPI_Superservice SLT powered by InfomediaBy integrating Infomedia’s Vehicle-Specific Service and Repair menu pricing data into its industry-leading Consumer Experience Platform, UpdatePromise will provide up-to-date OE data for almost every vehicle make in the U.S. Infomedia’s labor time guides, replacement parts recommendations and precise OE vehicle information helps to streamline the Consumer Experience and eliminates many inefficiencies from department to department.

UpdatePromise President and CEO, Curtis Nixon, sees great value in the partnership with Infomedia. “Whenever we look at any partnership, we ask ourselves if it will help us to provide a better Consumer Experience for our Automotive Clients and increase ROI for the service departments we serve,” he said. “As the Global leader in parts and service data with users in more than 186 countries, Infomedia is the perfect partner for UpdatePromise to elevate our industry leading Consumer Experience Solution. Specifically, Infomedia will be instrumental in embedding much sought-after Service Price Guide (SPG) data directly into the UpdatePromise Fixed Ops Workflow.

UpdatePromise_Superservice_Estimating_Infomedia_MPI_Price Guide_Labor Guide

COO, Rich Pannazzo, at UpdatePromise sees this partnership as a major victory for his company and its mission. “Our alignment with Infomedia just makes sense. As one of our OEM (OE or OEM – appears as both) partners stated, it’s great to see two smart companies work together to drive innovation in the industry.” he said. “Partnering and integrating with Infomedia will help dealerships increase sales while elevating the Consumer Experience and as a result, become more convenient and effective for service advisors, parts managers, and technicians. More importantly however, the customer is the ultimate winner because they will have a fast, transparent and seamless Consumer Experience.”

Brian Consaul, President of IFM Americas for Infomedia Ltd, discussed the ongoing benefits of the alliance. “We are proud to be entering into a partnership that will combine our market leading, Superservice Menus™ data with UpdatePromise’s industry leading Consumer Experience Solution. The result, a next generation SLT program that will rival competitive disparate systems,” he said. “Dealers and Automakers alike have demanded an innovative solution that prioritizes customers and collectively, UpdatePromise and Infomedia are delivering just that.”

About UpdatePromise
UpdatePromise is the industry’s Consumer Experience Experts and leading technology provider to automotive insurers, repairers, and dealerships throughout North America. Founded in 2009, the UpdatePromise workflow optimization and Consumer Experience Platform has impacted thousands of businesses and their consumers, delivering unparalleled experiences accumulated through over 200 million text messages throughout the U.S.

About Infomedia Ltd
Infomedia Ltd is an Australian-based technology solutions company that develops and supplies electronic parts catalogues, service quoting software systems (SaaS), and data analytics and business insights for the aftersales parts and service sector of the global automotive industry. Infomedia has led innovation in aftersales technology within global automaker and distributor networks for more than 25 years and continues to expand its reach within the three regions in which it operates.

For more information about UpdatePromise, visit or contact:
Taylor Su
[email protected]
(951) 471-7240

For more information about Infomedia, visit or contact:
Peter Petrovski
[email protected]
+61 (0) 412 101 261

Mitchell Announces Enhanced AutocheX Digital Services Through Collaboration with UpdatePromise

New offerings include enhanced CSI surveys, repair status messaging and online reputation management for collision repairersMitchell International - (m)powering better outcomes (PRNewsfoto/Mitchell International)

SAN DIEGOSept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mitchell, a leading provider of technology, connectivity and information solutions to the Property & Casualty (P&C) claims and Collision Repair industries, today announcedplans to enhance its AutocheX portfolio of consumer communication services through a joint collaboration with UpdatePromise.

In addition to expanding its AutocheX consumer satisfaction index (CSI) service, Mitchell will introduce new digital solutions for repair status messaging

to vehicle owners and online reputation management for collision repairers. The new products will be offered under the AutocheX brand and marketed as "AutocheX, powered by UpdatePromise".

AutocheX represents an iconic brand within the collision and automotive claims industry. With roots in the principles of the 3M ARMS programs of the 1990s, AutocheX was one of the first major consumer satisfaction indexing services. Over the past 30 years, millions of consumers have been surveyed on repair and claims satisfaction by AutocheX.

UpdatePromise is a leading provider of communication solutions to automotive insurers, repairers and dealerships throughout North America. Since its founding in 2009, it has been a consistent innovator in leveraging the latest digital services for consumer communication.

"We're excited about working with an industry leader such as UpdatePromise to bring new and enhanced services to our AutocheX product line," said Jack Rozint, Senior Vice President of Repair Sales at Mitchell. "This collaboration will bring state-of-the-art enhancements to AutocheX and further demonstrate Mitchell's commitment to 'partner well' with best-in-class companies that serve our industry."

"This is a perfect opportunity for carriers and collision repairers to utilize our most popular Consumer Experience Solutions together with Mitchell's advanced cloud-based solutions," said Curtis Nixon, President and CEO of UpdatePromise. "AutocheX is a great brand and with the ability to add our leading-edge digital solutions, we'll deliver unmatched capabilities."

The new solutions are scheduled for availability in 2021. Current AutocheX customers will continue with their existing services without change or interruption.

For collision repair and property casualty industry updates and perspectives, follow Mitchell on Twitter @MitchellRepair and @MitchellClaims.

About Mitchell International
Headquartered in San Diego, California, Mitchell International, Inc. delivers smart technology solutions that simplify and accelerate claims handling and repair processes, driving more accurate, consistent and cost-effective resolutions. Mitchell integrates deep industry expertise into its workflow solutions, providing unparalleled access to data, advanced analytics and decision support tools. Mitchell's comprehensive solution portfolio and robust SaaS infrastructure connects its customers in ways that enable tens of millions of electronic transactions to be processed each month for more than 300 insurance companies, over 30,000 collision repair facilities and countless other Property & Casualty industry supply partners across the Americas and Europe. For more information, please visit

About UpdatePromise
Located in Chino Hills, CA, UpdatePromise is the leading Consumer Experience provider for automotive dealers, insurers and repairers throughout North America. Founded in 2009, the UpdatePromise flagship automated messaging system has impacted more than 20,000 businesses and their consumers, delivering unparalleled experiences accumulated through over 200 million text messages throughout the United States. Visit to learn more.

SOURCE Mitchell International

Media Contacts

Taylor Su
[email protected]

Kendra DeWitt
[email protected]

CHINO HILLS, CA – January 17, 2020 – UpdatePromise, a leading consumer experience provider for automotive dealers, insurers and repairers throughout North America, recently announced it has published its Merchant Payments solution on the Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™ Platform.

Fortellis is the world’s first open, agnostic platform for the development and marketing of automotive APIs and solutions. Merchant Payments is now available through Fortellis to dealerships, OEMs and independent software vendors (ISVs) in North America.

UpdatePromise develops unique and innovative solutions for enhancing the consumer experience lifecycle, which includes innovative merchant solutions that integrate with DMS providers. UpdatePromise is one of the first providers to integrate with the CDK Payment Settling API on Fortellis, allowing for write back capabilities to CDK Drive DMS.  Leveraging the CDK Payment Settling API on Fortellis, UpdatePromise can automatically update specific Service Repair Orders as soon as payments have been completed. This new integration connects mobile and desktop merchant solutions offered by UpdatePromise, and connects directly to the dealer systems, creating a seamless payment workflow.

CEO Curtis Nixon, Chief Executive Officer of UpdatePromise recently discussed the relationship and how it will benefit both companies. "Fortellis has developed a world-class platform and we're happy to be associated with them," he said. “In continuation of our mission to always stay ahead of the curve, we are positioning ourselves for success by being one of the first to market merchant integration through the Fortellis platform.”

“We’re very pleased to introduce UpdatePromise as the newest solution publisher on the Fortellis platform,” said Steven Liu, vice president, Product Management at CDK. “UpdatePromise is a welcome addition to Fortellis and joins a growing number of companies creating products that will shape the future of our industry.”

About Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™ Platform
Fortellis is a technology platform that enables the automotive industry to leverage, build, innovate and integrate solutions and workflows to transform business. The Fortellis platform—with its Developer Network and Marketplace—connects software developers, OEMs and dealers so they can create new and unique experiences efficiently and seamlessly. Visit to learn more.

About CDK Global, Inc.
With $2 billion in revenues, CDK Global (Nasdaq: CDK) is a leading global provider of integrated information technology solutions to the automotive retail and adjacent industries. Focused on enabling end-to-end automotive commerce, CDK Global provides solutions to dealers in more than 100 countries around the world, serving approximately 30,000 retail locations and most automotive manufacturers. CDK solutions automate and integrate all parts of the dealership and buying process, including the acquisition, sale, financing, insuring, parts supply, repair and maintenance of vehicles. Visit

About UpdatePromise 
Located in Chino Hills, CA, UpdatePromise is the leading Consumer Experience provider for automotive dealers, insurers and repairers throughout North America. Founded in 2009, the UpdatePromise flagship automated messaging system has impacted more than 20,000 businesses and their consumers, delivering unparalleled experiences accumulated through over 200 million text messages throughout the United States. Visit to learn more. 


Media Contacts:

Taylor Su
Marketing Coordinator
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Roxanne Pipitone
Sr. Director, Corporate Communications
CDK Global
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CHINO, California – January 16, 2020 UpdatePromise announces their debut into the Service and Repair Financing space with its new UpdatePromisE-Pay financing option.

The soon-to-be-launched Finance Feature provides Auto Dealers, Collision Centers and Auto Repair Centers simple and affordable financing options for their customers’ vehicle service and repair needs.

Within a month of Pilot testing, a discovery in dealerships using UpdatePromise showed an increase, as much as, $85,000 in service repair up-sells. “Proving a higher adoption rate of consumers taking advantage of financing options when offered in a non-invasive manner through automation and at the right time throughout the Consumer Experience lifecycle,” stated Curtis Nixon, the President and CEO of UpdatePromise.

The SSAS Company’s findings are backed by data from a recent article published by McKinsey and Company, where the Point of Sale installment lending balances is forecasted to exceed $100 billion in 2019. The source continues to state that the biggest growth sector to benefit from this new wave of financing options is in the small ticket purchase between $200 and $300, where it is expected to see growth of more than 40 to 50 percent.

UpdatePromise is the first in the market to include Financing Solutions within its Consumer Experience Solution. The evoking solution is set to launch in February of 2020. For more information on the program email [email protected].

About UpdatePromise
Located in Chino Hills, CA, UpdatePromise is the leading Consumer Experience provider for automotive dealers, insurers and repairers throughout North America. Founded in 2009, the UpdatePromise flagship automated messaging system has impacted more than 20,000 businesses and their consumers, delivering unparalleled experiences accumulated through over 200 million text messages throughout the United States. Visit to learn more.


Media Contacts:
Taylor Su
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