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How to Empower and Retain Your Service Advisors

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Are You Late to the Blog Party?

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Five Reasons Why Customer Loyalty Programs Work

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Show Customers You Care In Four Simple Ways

As we know, customer acquisition can be both expensive and time-consuming in any industry. And that’s why shop owners should always do whatever they can to retain every customer through their doors…

Five Top Ways to Market Your Service Department

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Famous People in Automotive History

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Five Common Marketing Mishaps

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Status Updates Can Improve Customer Satisfaction Rating By 10%

Informed customers are happy customers

Automated status updates ensure customers are kept informed during the service lifecycle.


Automated two-way communication

Reduce inbound and outbound calling between service writers and customers with real-time status updates via text messaging and email.


Real-time analytics

Available analytics in real-time provide realistic target date and time on all delivery promises. Customers are able to schedule and plan their day more efficiently.

The first 24 hours are crucial for retaining customers

Texting is 10 times quicker than phone calls – by the time you make one call to a single customer, texting would have enable an effortless communication with 10 customers. The essential truth about retaining customers is the way you are able to keep them engaged. As the old saying goes – the best way to grow your customers is not to lose them.