Frequently Asked Questions

Who is UpdatePromise ?  

The founders of Flash of Genius Inc, the parent company of UpdatePromise, were automotive industry professionals who owned automotive repair facilities. Throughout their ownership lifecycle they identified the need for a solution that would deliver on this idea. After searching far and wide without finding a solution, they resolved to develop the solution on their own. Fast forward to today and UpdatePromise technology is utilized in over 12,000 Automotive Repair Facilities and 8 out of the top 10 national Auto Insurance companies utilize UpdatePromise as part of their claims process.

UpdatePromise was developed with one simple idea in mind, positively impact millions of consumer lives, one industry at a time. We do this by automating processes that enable businesses and their employees to communicate with their customers in real time, ultimately providing an unparalleled customer experience for consumers across the country.

What is “Personal information”? 

Personal Information means information about an identifiable individual. Personal information includes such things as name, address, age, income, date of birth, financial information and credit records, as well as your opinions, preferences and purchase patterns.

Why do we need your personal information?

We need personal information in order to do business with you. Following are some examples of the personal information that our retail Services, Financial Services, and Loyalty Program need and why.

Retail Services  

Most of the information collected about you for retail services is very basic information that we need to complete a purchase, provide you with a refund or exchange or process and keep track of transactions and report back to you. Examples of information that may be collected to complete an in-person purchase or refund may include things such as your name, address, telephone number, and a description of the items requested or purchased.

How do we obtain your consent to use your personal information? 

We obtain your consent in different ways depending on the circumstances and the sensitivity of the information. Consent may be oral or written, express or implied. Your express consent (verbal, written or electronic agreement) will be obtained to collect, use or disclose sensitive personal information such as your personal financial information. We will use implied consent to collect, use or disclose your personal information in circumstances where a customer relationship already exists, express consent has previously been given or the purpose of using the personal information is reasonably apparent to you.

In certain circumstances, the law permits or requires that we collect, use or share your personal information without your consent. For example, we may collect, use or share your personal information to investigate a breach of an agreement or a law or in response to a search warrant; to realize on security pledged for a loan or to investigate or deter fraud.

How your Personal Information is used

Your personal information is only used or disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected. We assure you that we do not sell or rent personal information. We only transfer your personal information within and to current or future Partners in the Loyalty Program to ensure your needs are met.

We use your personal information in order to process your application for a product, service or loyalty program and administer delivery of products, services and loyalty rewards. We also use your information to better understand your product and service needs and to offer relevant information, products, services and rewards to meet those needs. Your purchases and other transactions, shopping patterns, account activity and payment history are tracked and analyzed for marketing purposes and for making promotional offers to you. For a full list of why we collect your personal information, see our Privacy Policy.

We may transfer your Personal Information to third party service providers who assist us in serving you, such as vendors, suppliers and agents; however, we require them to protect your information in a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy. Our service providers may be located outside of Canada and may be required to disclose personal information under the laws of their jurisdiction. We may share information about you as permitted or required by law, for example with credit bureaus, regulators and law enforcement agencies.

Personal Information Collected

Personal Information includes your name, address, income, date of birth, financial information and credit records, as well as your opinions, preferences and purchase patterns. We obtain information directly from you from your application for a product, purchase of a service or enrollment into consumer experience program. We also obtain information through your interactions with us, such as surveys, websites activities, call monitoring and contests. We may obtain information with your consent from third parties, such as your credit history which is obtained from credit bureaus.

Consumer Rights 

You may access your personal information that we have on record in order to ensure it is accurate by submitting a written request to us. If you decide that you do not want your personal information used or shared for marketing products and services to you, you may opt out of receiving promotional offers and contests at any time by emailing us at

How can you opt-out of receiving marketing?

You may decide that you do not want your personal information used or shared for marketing purposes. If this is the case, you may always withdraw or refuse your consent at any time by emailing us at We will process your request as soon as possible but it may not be in time to remove you from promotions already in progress. Please remember that even if you have opted out of receiving marketing communications, we may still contact you for non-marketing purposes such as fraud, collections, account maintenance and transactional purposes. You may unsubscribe from email marketing at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link included in the footer of every marketing email.

How can you review and/or obtain copies of the personal information we have about you?

You can request access to your personal information stored by us. Your request must be submitted in writing to:


15342 El Prado Rd. Suite 100 Chino, Ca 91710

Re: Privacy Inquiries

Once we receive your written request, our goal is to respond to your request within thirty (30) days of receipt. If, for some reason, we are unable to respond to your request within this time frame, we will contact you directly and explain the reason for delay.

There may be times where the law permits us to refuse your request to access your personal information. For example, if providing access to your personal information would reveal confidential commercial or proprietary information or personal information about someone else (and we are unable to separate your data), we may be unable to fulfill your request.

If we refuse access to your personal information, we will contact you directly. If you wish, you may then choose to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

How to reach Us 

  • By calling our Customer Support Line at 1-800-276-9107 ext. 2
  • By e-mail at
  • By mail at 15342 El Prado Rd. Suite 100 Chino, Ca 91710 – Re: Privacy Inquiries

If your questions, concerns and complaints have not been resolved to your satisfaction or if you have further questions, you can contact UpdatePromise’s Chief Privacy Officer by mail at: Chief Privacy Officer c/o UpdatePromise, 15342 El Prado Rd. Suite 100 Chino, Ca 91710 or by email at