Status Updates

Ensure your customers are kept informed during the service lifecycle, improving CSI and retention.


Electronic Signatures

Customers can sign documents digitally via their mobile devices, eliminating delays and shortening the repair cycle.

Lost Souls

Automatically identify and reach out to customers in the service lifecycle that are lost souls.

Automated Reviews

Reviews from your verified customers are automated to help create a net promoter system that is integrated with your social media and digital marketing.

Mobile Payments

Customers can easily scan their credit directly from a smartphone and make payment of invoices digitally.

Merchant Services

Bi directional payment integration. One point of entry for all your business needs.

The integration of the UpdatePromise Consumer Experience Lifecycle Solution into the DealerBuilt Lightyear Management System

creates a seamless, fully integrated customer communication system. The system includes status updates, electronic signatures, merchant solutions with integrated payments and online marketing tools. LightYear DMS customers will benefit from the ultimate consumer experience that only UpdatePromise’s Consumer Experience Lifecycle Solution can provide.