Sentiment analysis, customer reply alerts, unread message alerts, customer MPI Approval Alerts, Payment Alerts, Expiring Promise Time Alerts and more. Using AI and Machine learning CEMS Powered by UpdatePromise can alert advisors, managers and executive team members if a customer’s conversation is becoming increasingly negative. AI monitoring knows when to, and when not to engage the customer to prevent confusion with any manual communications between the customer and the Advisor.


Have customers pay for their repairs/services from their mobile devices prior to pick-up. Send a payment link automatically after an RO has been closed. Capture electronic signatures for service payments to reduce handling cash and exchanging credit cards. Customers will appreciate the ability to sign for their service payments without having to wait or physically be present at the dealership. Managers and Advisors will receive mobile and desktop notifications, updating the team once payment has been completed.



With OEM MPI forms, opcode-driven estimating, production status alerts, parts routing and advisor approval workflow. Advisors can send the completed inspection form along with recommended items for approval or deferral to customers through their Glovebox. Select DMS integrations update the Appointment, Estimate and/or Repair Order. PDF Printing function that includes found issues and estimate.



With Video Walk Around, 5-year DMS customer and vehicle history, National Service History, Vehicle Health Status, OEM Special Service Campaigns, Previous Deferred Upsell and OpCode Driven Online Service Menu. Customers can Approve and Decline services for OEM reporting. Dealers can upload Custom Disclosures for state, federal and OEM requirements and capture Electronic Signatures on tablet. Select DMS integrations update the Appointment, Estimate and/or Repair Order. Completed Vehicle Check-In document is delivered to customer via SMS/Email to their Glovebox for their records.


With customer and vehicle history, National OEM Service History, Vehicle Health Status, OEM Special Service Campaigns, Previous Deferred Upsell, Shop Capacity Settings and OpCode Driven Online Service Menu. Includes an online consumer facing Appointment Widget for your website. During the appointment setting customer records are automatically matched and presented to user based on first and last name, contact and vehicle information. Users and customers can add and remove vehicles from their profile which updates the DMS records as well.


For ad hoc items and quick approvals. Technicians can take a photo or video of an item needing attention and send to the advisor for review. Advisors can review the item(s), price them and send to the customer for approval through the Consumer Glovebox.


Alert your customers of open recalls via text or email in one click of a button. UpdatePromise simplifies sending mass communication to thousands with just one message and in just one click of a button!


Online Automated Trade Appraisals with deal routing. Customers are given the opportunity during the Post Delivery Feedback process to request an appraisal on their vehicle, moving the new car sale process to post repair vs pre-repair. This workflow increases customers satisfaction and saves dealers from paying for appraisal appointment referrals.


Custom messages and timing. Dealers can set predetermined time frames to follow up with customers who do not return for service within a given time period. This helps Dealers keep their assigned customers Follow up messages can include images, attachments and links.

UpdatePromise AutoRepair-Review

Shop Profile, Integrated Appointment Widget, Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Monthly Blogs, Social Media Integration, Mobile Click to Call, Driving Directions and Scrolling Review Widget for your Website. This provides Dealers increased online presence for no additional charge. In addition, the linkbacks generated by this site provide increased SEO value helping dealers capture more of the top tier SEO Ranking positions in organic search results.

UpdatePromisePay Integrated Mobile Payment Solution

Integrated Merchant Services including desktop payments, gateway free Mobile Payments and E-commerce Solutions that integrate with your DMS and in many cases distributes payments directly to the Repair Order. Competitive Merchant rates meet or beat any current processor fees. Modern payment solutions with text and email capabilities for customer receipts and electronic signatures.

Merchant Integrations include FirstData, CardConnect, Bank of America, FiServ/WorldPay/Vantiv, PayJunction and PaySafe/PayTrace. Dealers can take swipe, chip, NFC, Apple and Android Pay.

Consumer Service Financing provides Collision Repair Centers, Automotive Repair Centers and Franchise Dealers with a point of sale financing option to assist their customers when there is a need to cover unexpected expenses or large repairs. Automated presentation during each stage of the Consumer Experience workflow provides consumers with an affordable alternative of monthly payments without the need to rely on an employee to present the option to the customer. This automation increases adoption, application rates and overall CP labor by allowing customers to spread the cost of repairs over affordable monthly payments. 

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    UpdatePromise | Consumer Experience Lifecycle Solution

    Our innovative solution provides a unique ability that enables your business to capture the consumer from the very beginning of their experience. Starting at the service drive, our system provides automated status updates that enables your customers engaged during the service lifecycle, keeping them informed throughout the entire process and beyond.

    Features include Automated Status Messaging via text and email, Mobile and Integrated Payment Solutions, Insurance and OEM approved Customer Satisfaction Index surveys, Data Analytics, Automated Reviews, Automated Social Media Management, Lost Souls Marketing Campaigns and more. Our technology is more than just a customer satisfaction and employee efficiency tool, it’s also your brand loyalty and customer retention platform!

    UpdatePromise Analytics provide unprecedented insight into the areas of your business that matter most. We are committed to providing exceptional experiences for dealership service drives, collision repair centers, auto glass repairers and all other Automotive Service businesses. Our proven system and trusted support team provide the stability your service team aims for, whether to improve CSI, increase Customer Pay Labor and increasing customer retention.